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Posted on: January 6th, 2014

iPi Mocap was used to create crowd motions in Russia’s most commercially successful film, war epic “Stalingrad”. This is the story of love and heroism in the middle of the World War II greatest battle. The film was created in IMAX 3D, and includes 230 shots with visual effects. Many of them are quite long, taking approximately 30 minutes of overall screen time.

I put the Kinect near my workstation, and played out the movements I needed, immediately transferring them to the soldiers. Alexander Lipilin, Animation Supervisor of the Main Road|Post, explains. It was convenient. Guys at iPi Soft made the program, which was a unique solution for markerless mocap of the body with the use of Kinect. There is no equivalent of this technology yet.

Here you can find detailed description of how VFX had been created, and what challenges VFX artists met during production:



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